31st December 2019

Thank you Equestrian Life for putting together such a great article for my 2 breeding stallions Celere & Joyero JF III that I am offering at stud this season!

"Ever dreamt of breeding a Lusitano or PRE performance horse?

Victoria Davies Para Equestrian and her husband Michael are standing Tora V Dressage - PRE & Lusitano’s impressive and successful performance stallions Celere and Joyero JF III at public stud"



31st December 2019

My heart is breaking at the current situation with the fires burning across our country, so many people are frantically trying to protect their loved ones, animals, homes and sadly many losing the battle which today brought me to tears. My thoughts go out to anyone affected by these fires, please don't give up hope.

I've had messages asking if we are ok.
Our property for the moment is safe, we are located close to a big river with 2 fires on the other side. 1 is straight opposite but has distance between us but we are mindful of embers, the other fire is massive and up the river from us, for days we've had news this fire will jump the river, if this happens we should still be ok but we are cautious as once again embers can travel some distance. We have very little bush around us thankfully, but we are in dairy country and with the drought, the grass is very dry and many hay bales laying around in the surrounding paddocks.

Yesterday was scary as we had a fire towards the back of our property, I hear hay bales caught fire. This left a horrible feeling in my stomach... it started and spread so quickly!! 3 water bomber helicopters did an amazing job putting it out quickly. Sadly during today's 40C day it stated again today but thankfully once again put out!!

We are just being cautious, making sure our property is ready if we need to act fast if embers fall, lots of hoses, buckets filled with water, gutters cleared, and we have a temporary place for the 4 stallions to go if we need to evacuate... everything valuable to me on my property has 4 legs ... o and Michael (with 2 feet!) as long as they are all safe that's all that matters.

We usually have very high risk of flooding so we are used to evacuating due to water ... but ... fire ... geez this is another level of scary, the sky just looks like dooms day...and the fires are creating their own storms with thunder and lightening, it's crazy.

Thank you everyone that has expressed concern. We will be ok I'm sure of it!!! but this is a very sad time, I'm very concerned for friends that have evacuated and I do hope that if any of you are in threat of these fires... please stay safe, do what you can to protect your homes... but please don't put yourself at risk... your friends and family need you.

We can only hope for rain or this devistation burns out of fuel and comes to a stern halt.

Vic xx



28th December 2019

The main hard feed I give my 4 stallions is Hygain Balanced! Here's a little write up from Hygain featuring myself and Eddy (Andaluka Elegido)

"Hygain Balanced is extremely versatile in its use and is ideal for good doers, horse’s on a pasture only diet, horse’s receiving a home mixed diet which requires balanced vitamin and mineral levels or to top up premixed feeds when they aren’t fed at the required levels.

For more information visit



21st December 2019

t's that time of the year again... Christmas!

I usually love Christmas time but this year it's very hard to get into the festive spirit which I'm sure many can relate to; my heart breaks when I watch the news or read online seeing all the ongoing drought conditions and horrific fires spreading across Australia our thoughts and prayers go to all those that are affected and can only hope 2020 is a new beginning for many.

Feeling down the other day about the above and a lot of sad things happening to loved ones I was reminded that there really are beautiful people in the world and a wonderful idea I wanted to share with you all...

Wednesday I spoke to the receptionist for my RA Specialist and she said 'this year, we aren't giving gifts we are donating to those affected by the fires, the farmers and will be visiting all the animals at our local RSPCA to spend time with them on Christmas day and give them a toy each' - my eyes begun to water to say the least!

Certainly food for thought and worth considering if you are in a position xx

Michael and I would like to wish all our followers, supporters and sponsors a safe and wonderful Christmas, one that brings you nothing but fond memories, good health, happiness and laughte.

Vic, Michael & the team xx

Thank you to my beautiful sponsors for all your wonderful support and guidance throughout 2019
Leader Equine
Horseware Australia
Elementals Equine Therapies
Mobicosa - Premium Joint Supplement
Technyflex - Premium Joint Supplement
BLISS OF LONDON - Saddle makers of distinction



18th December 2019

Woohoo go Celere! Leading the Equestrian Life Para Dressage leaderboard for the fourth consecutive time with 67 points!

I haven't competed Celere since we came home from Brisbane CPEDI in July so this is impressive he's still leading! Celere is back in work after his break and looking forward to giving it our absolute all for the 2020 qualifiers!

Eddy (Andaluka Elegido) also needs to be mentioned, after only 2 competitions he is proudly sitting 5th with 27 points!




14th December 2019

Day 2 of competition.
What a funny day! It was a real eye opener for me to how others react to awkward situations.

With me I live life to the fullest... I'll take a chance, an opportunity and run with it! ... If I fall on my face - THAT IS OK, because my life is short and I rather try something then be one of those people that stay at home and ponder 'should I, shouldn't I'

I wanted to take my stallion Luis out to his second competition... after a whole year of him battling with his health, which yes no one has known about. This guy has had a rough time and without the care of myself, Michael and my professional team, I don't think he would be the horse he is today.

Today Luis worked beautiful in warmup but sadly the atmosphere in the test arena took over, he was not naughty, never put me in danger but he was genuinely scared and didn't know what to do with himself. At times during my test I thought 'retire vic' but no... I kept going, gave him pats and got him through it, he needed to learn I had his back and that it was ok.

Now let me make this very clear, I'm very proud and I had a big smile on my face after the test... I know what Luis is capable of and I am sadly disappointed there has been no mention of this beautiful horse at presentation or in articles.

WHY IS IT SO SHAMEFUL TO 'FAIL'.... Silence and ignoring situations like this is just so disappointing, a simple 'Well done' goes a long way....

On a positive note Eddy did a beautiful job and came away with 1st place, he's only ever had me to do everything from preparing, warming up and riding but due to time restraints my wonderful friend/groom Shae had to lunge Eddy for me and trust me Eddy is VERY particular to change and how things are done LOL all I can say... he must love Shae and he was perfect.

We had a beautiful dinner tonight and a few celebration drinks and looking forward to the final day of competition!
I can't wait to use my new music with Eddy, then home time on Monday



13th December 2019

I have a bit of catching up to do with my posts so lets just call this day 1 & 2 of the Boneo Park CPEDI qualifier event with my 2 Spanish boys.

Yesterday we had the trot up and both Andaluka Elegido (Eddy) and Joyero JF III) (Luis) were brilliant and passed!
Very proud at how my boys traveled the 12 hours to Boneo Park healthy and happy. Best thing is they are great stable mates.

We also had arena familiarization which I have to say took my breath away at times... or I forgot to breath LOL! it was the busiest arena I have ever been in and worst, I was on Luis! This is only our 2nd competition together so I really don't know how he will react to certain things but all I can say... I love this big guy! he had horses up his bum, coming towards him, left, right... and he didn't flinch!

Can't forget the white unicorn - Eddy! He just makes me smile with he's cheekiness and the love he gives, he truly is a showman and last night in arena familiarization he was really giving it his all.

Today was first day of competition with Eddy first! He did a brilliant test IMO for 1st place with 67.92% with the international french judge scoring him 69.09%, with an hour gap I quickly finished up with Eddy and off I went with Luis.

Luis was a little eager in his test and wanted to show off his canter lol so we had a break in our 2nd lengthen trot and I just couldn't get his magnificent trot he does have. This is all teething issues and our score showed it. I'm so proud, incredibly proud! This is only our 2nd competition together as I mentioned before so I'm still sussing him out and do have the hand break on! He's such a talented horse... and I just keep picturing us in years to come once we understand each other more.

I can't express how grateful I am for Michael and Shae! I wouldn't be here without them by my side helping and supporting me. I'm used to riding multiple horses a day however It is hard competing 2 horses with such little time between tests but everything has run incredibly well so far and both boys have looked stunning! My 2 angels.

Very eager for day 2 of competition tomorrow xx



8th December 2019

What an amazing day of triumphs!

Luis (Joyero JF III) competed in his first competition in Australia and first time competing para! I was the only one competing para so 2 x first places with 68.33% and 67.50% certainly not a bad first effort.

As I said to Michael, I'll take this gentle giant out anywhere, he was the perfect gentleman! 20 min warmup and off we went to do our tests! he really is a sweety and took great care of me..... I mean I wasn't 'nervous' but I was a bit cautious and my brain before I got on was going 'should you be riding a stallion at his first competition' as I looked up at how big he is LOL

Keeping it real as I have many followers that also have Rheumatoid...I'm struggling! I needed a day out doing what I love - competing, Michael by my side, cuddles from Benji and a reminder life can be tough... but amazing. I've had some unnecessary stress the past few weeks and noticed my body start to show some warning signs and this morning when I woke up in sheer agony with all my joints on fire, so swollen and exhausted... I knew then that the Rheumatoid had decided to attack and cause a raging flare, annoyingly I'm battling that atm. Not much can be done except very high doses of strong medications and keep going (resting makes it worse IMO)! I eat very well and all organic, gluten free, dairy free and mostly fish but during these times I find intermittent fasting and eating very basic highly beneficial in calming my body down!

As you can imagine I'm feeling very grateful to have this special horse ... and I'm pretty darm excited to take him and Eddy to a qualifier in 3 days!!!!!!

#JoyeroJFIII #KingLuis



26th November 2019

My pride and joy - Storm!!
I was editing photos that I took yesterday and I couldn't choose which ones to share....I mean look at that hind leg!!

Alycia is doing an amazing job with his training and I just love having him around and doing all his daily handling.

Storm certainly has a mind beyond his 3 years - chilled, gentle and very sweet but wowee he put's everything into his training, which due to his age he only has 3 days a week, which is plenty.

He tries so hard and concentrates so much that he resembles Luis ... both have that stern look of concentration on their faces under saddle lol

Have to say... I picked a good one!



22nd November 2019

It's not every day I open up my inbox and see an email saying I've been shortlisted for NSW Women of the Year!!

We'll know if I'm a finalist in January 2020 but for now I'm honored to be shortlisted!!

I can't say I'm a professor, a scientist or a high flying journalist like those that have won this award in previous years and I did question why I would be 'even considered' for such an award and was left questioning 'who and what I am'.

Confining in Alycia I said 'why, I'm really not anyone important' and Alycia said 'your a woman out there kicking goals'...

To be honest I don't see what others see of me (the good and bad) I just go about my day, fight the challengers thrown my way and live the best life I can with the body I have ... I am an extremely passionate person, I never do anything unless my whole heart is dedicated to it - whether it be my goals, riding, my relationships, my hobbies ... and fighting this horrid disease Rheumatoid.

The word 'inspire' comes up a lot ...

Looking through my inbox, I have so many messages not just from woman, but from men thanking me for inspiring them to fight each day and giving them my time.... this has made me think - I was once one of these people...

When I was diagnosed with my neck condition, which is so rare ... the world was such a lonely place, I had fought Rheumatoid since I was 9 years old but this was something I knew nothing about! Not many know this and I've never spoken about it, but I was suicidal... all I saw was the end. The tingling and shocks running through my body drove me 'insane', I could not sleep without Michael holding my hands and I was petrified... I did not want to see my horses as it was a reminder of what I may lose - everything; that sentence right there breaks my heart - I didn't want to know my horses. It was also very hard for Michael as he only knew the 'strong and independent Victoria' - he didn't know this person but stood by me every step of the way.

I lost all my will to fight. I faced high risk surgery that would kill me or leave me a quadriplegic and without the surgery - I faced the same outcome.....I had to choose between surgery... or wait... how do you live with a time bomb?

I was fragile and I had no one that understood. I searched day and night for someone to talk to that had the same condition as me without any luck. I then stumbled across a young American girl, only 16 years old with not the exact condition but had undergone the high risk surgery I was facing and she was alive... and was not a quadriplegic... I messaged this girl with all my questions and I said to her 'I'm scared, I have no idea what to do'. I woke up the next morning to an essay reply - I can't describe how this young girl changed my life and outlook, fight mode switched back on and that second I researched the best neurosurgeons in Australia and I told them in my email 'you have to see me, this is non negotiable' - the feisty, strong willed Victoria Davies was back!! and yes all 4 Neurosurgeons replied and I was booked in to see them within a few days or a week.

... here I am kicking goals and whilst I live with a time bomb... I'm at peace with that.

What I'm trying to express is that, you may just be 'YOU' but to someone else you may be a hero, you may be that person that flicks a switch in someones mind to go 'someone cares, I'm not alone'. A simple smile, a hello or checking in on someone may just save that person or help them make a decision... and if I can give any type of advice it would be 'you are never ever ever too busy to give someone your time'!!!!!

If I've ever inspired you - thank you xx


NSW Premier's Woman of the Year recognises NSW women who have excelled in their chosen career, field or passion. These women are exceptional achievers who have made a significant contribution to NSW and whose accomplishments make them a strong role model for other women. Women NSW



17th November 2019

Andaluka Elegido 'Eddy' ... 2019 Australian National CPEDI Grade II Para Champion

So proud of my boy for winning all 3 tests and being named champion for our grade and gaining qualifier scores over this competition.

I feel very blessed for the horses in my life that look after me each time I get in the saddle and allow me to do what I love.



10th November 2019

My Celere
Thank you so much to my beautiful friend Shae for this belated birthday present and her sister Mady for painting this absolutely stunning portrait of my special boy.

... the eye ... it's perfect! each time I look at this painting I'm amazed and tear up at how beautiful it is!!
Can't wait to get it professionally framed xx




9th November 2019

Last night we all got dolled up to celebrate the Shoalhaven Sport Stars Calendar launch night - a great event run by a very passionate group of people! It was great to see all the photos up on the big screen along with ours sponsors! a huge thank you in particular to AMP Advice for sponsoring my photo and Michael for organising this!

So what month was I?... 'Ms December' little miss Christmas.

I won't sugar coat it! Alycia gave the coordinator my number so did I have a choice? haha no not really but that's what life is about - Giving everything a go and it's not everyday you are 'Ms December'.

In the past 1.5 years since I approached Alycia to be my coach and help me train my horses ...It has been 'business'... we both work very hard with our careers... but geez we've had some fun times.

It's so easy to get caught up with goals and daily routines that I think sometimes we all forget to get out of the breeches and put on a dress or try something new or do something we used to love but has slowly been pushed to the side.

With Alycia it always starts with 'do you want to.....?' followed by me saying 'sure why not'!! (lol) (usually with little detail of what where and how)

I've learnt I hate chardonnay and it should defiantly not be consumed in the sun watching show jumping, never turn your back on Alycia at trade stalls (ever) as you never know what she'll bring home... like a huge horse head that needs it's own seat in the car (lol) and lastly fine dining will enhance your taste buds but not your waist line so always order a side of potatoes!

Michael always says to me 'keep those close to you that enhance your life and support you, don't worry about the rest'.... Thank you Alycia for being a top coach/trainer and a good genuine friend to Michael and I.

Here's to many more adventures!



6th November 2019

Thanks Equestrian Life for this great promotion of my 4 stallions

Celere (Imp Portugal)
Joyero JF III (Imp Spain)
Andaluka Elegido
TL Micalano



4th November 2019

Who would have thought this horse would be out competing again... mind blowing really! So proud of my Eddy and excited to compete next week at our first qualifier event towards team selection of the Tokyo Paralympics! A nice 12hr drive to look forward to but 100% worth it!

Yesterday I was doing what i love... competing!... with Eddy!
Our 3rd competition together after Eddy's 2 year break and once again he was brilliant and gave it his all, sadly this dummy added an extra circle in the Official Novice 2B which was a disappointing error but we place a respectful 2nd, before the Official Novice 2C I had a pep talk to myself and I walked out of the test with a huge smile on my face - 2nd place with 67.57%. Very happy!

Overall we were Reserve Champion Novice at the Shoalhaven Dressage Club Championships and I walked away with some very nice and useful prizes kindly sponsored by Leader Equine. Thank you so much team Leader for sponsoring so many amazing prizes for everyone! They were a huge hit!

For the 3rd year in a row under our stud name Tora V Dressage - PRE & Lusitano Michael and I have sponsored the 'Junior Champion' for the Shoalhaven Dressage Club Championships! We love sponsoring this Champion award as our local club have many juniors and I should say some very talented ones representing the club at state and national level!

A big thank you also to my wonderful sponsors Technyflex - Premium Joint Supplement for sponsoring the Elementary Champion. Our local rider Jeff was pretty happy with his rug!

Also, a huge thank you to Hygain for sponsoring ALL of the Reserve Champions with a bag of feed of the winners choice. Very happy to add that to my win haha.

Lastly and most importantly, a huge thank you to the Shoalhaven Dressage Club committee, volunteers and judges for holding a fantastic day of dressage. Day's like this just brighten my day, I love competing and it's always a great reminder that despite the pain and challenging days... I can still get out there and do what I love.



28th October 2019

From being crowned Shoalhaven Sports Person of the year 2019 to somehow being persuaded by Alycia to taking part in the Shoalhaven Sport Calendar.

To be honest it didn't take much to twist my arm as this is all for a great cause and a fantastic night out to look forward to.

All funds raised from the calendar and launch night will be donated to the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia, launch night being held Friday 8th November.

This will be the 10th successful year of the calendar being created raising funds for a wonderful foundation dedicated to reducing the impact of prostate cancer on Australian men, their partners and families.

Photos from behind the scenes.



24th October 2019


With 4 stallions I was in need of another saddle so when it came to creating my saddle I contacted Nikki, the amazing CEO of BLISS OF LONDON - Saddle makers of distinction to help me create vision.

I adore my current handmade Bliss of London saddle which is black/tan in colour and in the paramour dressage model, so I've ordered exactly the same but with different colour scheme.

I knew I wanted to create a saddle that reflected my style and had some meaning. To me a saddle should fit both the horse and rider well... and it should certainly look the part.

I love leather tooling and this technique is seen a lot on traditional tack of the Spanish horse... perfect for my Spanish boys!

With the tooling design on the cantal (back of saddle) I wanted flowers, scattered butterflies and it to also include my logo which I created for my stud Tora V... which is a V with a butterfly. Butterflies hold a lot of meaning to me, they symbolize - life, hope, freedom.
At many competitions a white butterfly always crosses my path ... so that's where the butterfly theme comes from.

The saddle is black, with patent black piping and welting, I feel a very elegant look.

The saddle is in the final stages of being complete but I wanted to share with you all how the tooling has come to life from a simple sketch to hours of handmade tooling by the extremely talented saddle masters of Bliss of London and then the first layer of dye.

I can't wait to show you all the saddle when complete. Their motto "Bliss of London design with passion and every Bliss saddle is handmade and hand finished as the hand and eye of a craftsman can never be bettered".




17th October 2019

Eddy (Andaluka Elegido) modeling the VERY stunning Horseware Limited Edition Hexagon Print fashion set. Now that isn't white trimming... it's baby pink!!!

Rambo Fashion Padded Headcollar

Horseware Cosy Fashion Fleece Cooler

Horseware Fleece Bandages Ltd Edition

All available via Horseware Australia and Leader Equine





15th October 2019

Eddy (Andaluka Elegido) and I had a brilliant day at the South Coast Equestrian Club Championships.

As I said in my previous post, Eddy hasn't competed since September 2017 and he'd only had 20 rides since coming back into work so I wasn't expecting much... he obviously had other ideas and we were awarded
SCEC Novice Champion 2019

Once a star... always a star

Our first test was the Official Novice 2B where we placed 1st with 68.52% we received some really positive comments from the A level judge 'showed some impressive work today'
- the test for me felt great with lots of energy and ridden very accurately, in the Novice 2C Eddy showed his lack of fitness and was pretty tired so we just did what we could, there were a few moments where he over tried but I was still very proud of the boy for placing 2nd with 64.85%

The impressive part was scoring 7.5s for all his walk elements which is very important for the upcoming FEI para tests!

Eddy LOVEDDDDD his outing as you can probably see from the photos, o he thought he was the king!!! and he was very well behaved!! he certainly hasn't forgotten what competition life is all about and went down those centrelines like he owned them.

... and those plaits stayed in... until the next day actually and looked beautiful for a photoshoot I did for Horseware Australia / Leader Equine


I would like to say a huge thank you to the committee of South Coast Equestrian Club and volunteers for putting on a great event, super chilled atmosphere all day, with super prizes!

This event was a wonderful stepping stone to get my boy out before we tackle the Tokyo qualifiers in November so thank you for being a part of that!

A huge thank you to all the sponsors of the SCEC Championships, in particular Horseland Wollongong for sponsoring the Novice Champion - loved the rug!!

DoWell Equine for sponsoring the Official Novice 2C

Montanya Spanish Horse Stud for kindly sponsoring the Official Novice 2B... what can I say a Spanish horse winning a class sponsored by a Spanish horse stud. Congratulations on your win Amy Langlands in the CU Prelim 1B on your Spanish mare!!




10th October 2019

By Equestrian Life

The latest Para-Dressage leaderboard standings have been released, with Victoria Davies retaining her lead aboard Celere. The pair are on 67 points.

Currently in second position is Kaye Hannan with Bradgate Park Wexford on 38 points; Kaye is also in fourth position with Lundstrom on 22 points.

Ryan McNeil and Paragon Pony are currently third with 24 points.

Congratulations to all riders!




17th August 2019

Luis (Joyero JF III) and I had a brilliant lesson today with Alycia (Millbank Equestrian.)

Very excited to campaign this boy at the Australian Para Dressage Nationals in November which is also an Australian qualifier event towards AUS team selection of the Tokyo Paralympic Games!




12th August 2019

ery proud to see the updated FEI para rankings! Currently I'm ranked 14th in the world as an FEI Grade II para rider and currently the highest ranked Australian Para rider in the world.

Just doing what I love with my Lusitano and PRE Spanish stallions.

If you're interested in breeding your mare this season please consider my special boys! Unbelievable temperaments, outstanding performance records and approved for breeding with their relevant studbooks.

Further details of my stallions can be viewed on my website at




10th August 2019

This afternoon we collected Storm from the trainers after spending a few weeks with Hayden Equestrian being started under saddle.
Thank you so much Jack and Jessica for giving Storm a great start and looking after him so well.

You can certainly see how much of a 'baby' he is (3 years old) compared to my other 3 boys, who were pretty much looking at me to say 'really...you have brought another one home....' no care in the world.

Storm had a quick introduction to my scooter and loved the dogs. Tomorrow we'll see what he thinks of his paddock and then later in the week he'll begin work with Alycia.



31st July 2019

And here we are. Long listed for the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics Games with the golden boy CELERE we've competed at 2 qualifier events so far for 5 qualifying scores, 2 being over 71%

Now to keep doing our thing and make it onto the shortlist next year.

I keep 3 very important people close to me that I feel always have my back and have helped me reach this achievement - my husband Michael, my best friend Bert and coach Alycia. I can't express how important it is to have people in your life that want to see you succeed and be there not just for the good but also the bad.

Also, to my amazing sponsors for being part of this special journey with me and my team of stallions. Thank you.



26th July 2019

It was great to see Storm today! Under saddle 5 weeks and going awesome! ... so quiet, unbelievable temperament for a 3yo colt! ... reminds me a lot of Celere.

Storm comes home in 2 weeks and Alycia will take over from Jack who has done a brilliant job of breaking Storm in. Can't wait to see him progress and have my first ride.





21st July 2019

On our way home! We are 5hrs into our 14hr travel so plenty of spare time to write a post reflecting on yesterdays final day of competition at the Brisbane CDI & CPEDI.

CELERE and I danced our way to our beautiful new freestyle which everyone loved including the judges! I caught a few people off guard when my music started as they usually expect hip hop or rock from me completely different!!

We were awarded 1st with a super score of 71.53% which was the highest freestyle score across the CDI & CPEDI classes AND was another qualifying score towards AUS team selection of the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games. 75% for artistic by 2 x 5* judges was certainly a WOW moment!!

Reflecting over the whole competition
CELERE and I were awarded FEI Para Equestrian Grade II Champion.

- 3 x 1st places with 3 qualifying scores towards AUS team selection of the Tokyo Paralympic Games 2020, 2 being over 71%

Michael also had his moment of stardom walking away with the @Boutique Equines
'Best polished senior handler for the trot up across the CDI and CPEDI! A lovely sash, trophy and gift voucher sponsored by Boutique

As I said in a post for EA, Brisbane CDI & CPEDI was a brilliant event with great facilities, beautiful weather, friendly people and an event I'll certainly come up for again!

I'm just overwhelmed by this amazing stallion.
He was magnificently well behaved showing everyone his amazing temperament and his looks certainly drew many crowds.

Also, a lot of people coming up asking what breed he was!! LUSITANO!!!!

Celere and I have campaigned at 2 qualifier CPEDI events now and have gained 5 qualifying scores...which puts us in an awesome position!!! With our scores from this event we are certainly world class and can hold our own with scores that are rivaling the best in the world.

I would like to say a huge thank you to Leesa Murray and the event organisers of the Saddleworld Brisbane CDI 17-21 July 2019 for holding such a brilliant international quality event and presenting the para equestrian champions on the main arena with international USA 5* judge Kristi Wysocki presenting a small talk to the crowd on the sport of para equestrian. Proud moment for us all!!

Also, Gary Lung for the wonderful write ups including the paras in his blogs Equestrian Life

Stef Maraun from Equestrian Australia/ Australian Equestrian Team for organising high quality international judges for our para competitions and looking after us so well!

The biggest thank you goes to Chris Wain Equine Veterinary Services (Chris Wain) for sponsoring all of the para classes! Gorgeous sashes and rugs!

The golden boy and I will have a rest when we get home and then get back to business.

Vic x





8th July 2019

Words can't express how blessed I feel right now as I have been asked by the wonderful Rebecca Booth to be a sponsored rider for Elementals Equine Therapies!

I adore Rebecca and the way she interacts with my horses. They absolutely love their treatment sessions and are always happy to see Rebecca, whether it be for a massage, laser, red light or all the above and more!

Whether you do high performance competition, enjoy your horses for trail riding or even have a best friend that's now retired - I believe all horses should have regular treatment, even if it's massage - like you and I ... horses get sore and tight muscles, injuries or just need some TLC!

Rebecca services the following areas regularly so if these fall in your location, I highly recommend you book an appointment! (all contact details are on the website).


- West to Nepean River e.g. Penrith, Clarendon, Box Hill, Maraylya
- North West e.g Glenorie, Dural, Arcadia, Galston
- South e.g. Helensburgh, Darkes Forest
- South West e.g. Bringelly, Badgery's Creek, Silverdale

- Wollondilly Shire
- Camden
- Southern Highlands
- South Coast to Kiama/Berry



3rd July 2019

King Luis (Joyero JF III)
Getting his model on for Style ME

Style ME recently opened for business on 1st July 2019 and the brains behind this amazing concept is my coach Alycia.
Your one Stop Styling Shop for horse and rider!

Luis wears SD Design:
Iced Brown Saddle pad
Brown Sparkle Tendon and Bell boots

Available via:



1st July 2019

It was a great day out with the golden boy CELERE at the Hawkesbury Dressage Club Inc. Championships.

I used the competition to try a few new tactics which honestly did not go in our favour for the first test (lol) so we tried something else for the 2nd test and redeemed ourselves for a 67.20% If you want the bigger scores, sometimes you have to take some risks to see how far you can go!

There's a fine line with these FEI Grade II para tests which are based only on walk, trot, some walk laterals with 25 movements. One would think they are 'easy' however, the tests take a lot of accuracy, feel and tactic riding.

Big thank you to HDC for holding once again a great competition and inviting us paras to compete!



29th June 2019

Beautiful Luis (Joyero JF III) doing some modelling and looking every bit a manly stallion in 'lavender'



15th June 2019

Storm had the full spa treatment today, ready to be dropped off at 'school' tomorrow!

I love spending time with this young colt, at only 3 years old he is so well behaved and just a delight to do anything with.

I'm very picky when it comes to choosing horses to join my team but when I saw and spent time with Storm I knew I had to have him, very much the same feeling I had when I saw Eddy for the first time.

I think I am well and truly content now - 3 gorgeous PRE stallions and the only Lusitano stallion that will ever have my heart, Celere.

Another big thank you must be made to my amazing sponsors Horseware Australia and Leader Equine for fitting Storm out with his new rugs and headcollar, all were a perfect fit and amazing quality.



13th June 2019

Woohoo Celere you legend!
First place on the Equestrian Life Para-Dressage Leaderboard with 50 points!

Congratulations to the other riders for supplying results and supporting our sport



10th June 2019

It was a beautiful day yesterday at the Shoalhaven Dressage Club event for 2 wins in the Medium 4A and 4B with CELERE against 3 other nice combinations.

We haven't competed open dressage since Willinga CDI in February as I've been focused solely on my para tests for the Tokyo qualifiers so I felt a bit rusty going into this competition...... and I had an infected wisdom tooth pulled out less than 48hrs before the competition so I just went with the mind set of - do what I love, enjoy a day out and what will be will be. This boy never disappoints!




7th June 2019

It has been 8 fun months since this magnificent PRE stallion arrived at my property. Feels like he's been here forever.

“A horse is the projection of people’s dreams about themselves – strong, powerful, beautiful and it has the capabilities of give us escape from our mundane existence.”
-Pam Brown

Elegido XXIII x Joyero X (Escalera & Miltary lines)
Imported Approved PRE Spanish Stallion



5th June 2019

Welcome to the Tora V team, Storm!
It's with very much excitement I announce I have purchased this gorgeous 3yo PRE colt from my parents (Tranquilo Lodge). lol this probably comes as no surprise!

I had a very successful career and special bond with Storm's grand dam Dutchess 'Chez' (Ruffian II x Directora XIV) so whilst I see a great colt, I also feel a connection which is most important to me these days.

Storm goes off to school next week to be broken in and then he'll come home to be brought on by Alycia and myself.

Nice little project to keep me busy and whilst dressage will be the main focus I think when he's a little older we might see how he pops over a jump, see if he's talented like his grand sire was.

I'll also put him through the ANCCE Spanish Studbook approval for breeding revision next year!

TL Micalano 'Storm'
TL Tranquilo I x Andaluka Micaela
3yo PRE Spanish Colt



30th May 2019

I am proud to announce my gorgeous Lusitano stallion CELERE and I have been named on the 2019 Australian High Performance Green Squad.

I have dedicated a lifetime to promoting the PRE and Lusitano breeds and I remember when my PRE Stallion Andaluka Elegido 'Eddy' was named on an Australian High Performance Squad and how proud I was as this was a first for the PRE breed and here I am 6 years later opening a letter congratulating me on my position on squad, which I gained with CELERE - a first for the breed to have a Lusitano named on an Australian High Performance Para Squad.

The Australian team for the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games will not be selected until next year and there are many qualifier events between now and then but I'm really pleased to be sitting where I am now and looking forward to competing at my next qualifier which will be the Brisbane CDI in July.




12th May 2019

Brilliant day was had at SIEC for the Hawkesbury Dressage day.

2 weeks ago Celere and I had our first qualifier towards Tokyo team selection and our real start at para together, the event was very successful but I know together we were capable of more so after that event I came home, did my homework and started working on a few tactics for my tests... these are still a work in progress in my mind as the big picture is getting those extra points at CPEDI level BUT wow to be awarded for my progress is a great feeling as I know I'm on the right path and not going backwards after trying new things!!

1st / 71.82% in the FEI Grade II team
1st / 73.16% in the individual with a 75% from one judge.

It was great to see judges not scared to give 8s for great elements and score me effectively for the 'so so' movements but backed it up with comments that were constructive and helpful! 8.5 for a bang on square halt was the point of the day and 8s for my riding.

Every test I've had this year have comments of 'Rider & horse showing great confidence in each other' 'great harmony between horse & rider' 'great feel & skill shown today'..... those comments just make me feel so lucky to have Celere, he really is a gorgeous soul.

I have to say both tests felt amazing and all round it was a great day with the team.



29th April 2019

This may be a long post as I reflect on the past few days at the Sydney CPEDI which was one of many to come qualifier events towards team selection for Tokyo Paralympic Games 2020 ** A CPEDI event is run under FEI rules, must have international judges and is classed as an 'international show'.

Yesterday, Celere and I danced our way through our first freestyle together to win our grade and score the highest percentage of the day across the grades on 68.33%

We were awarded FEI Para Grade II Champion for our consistent scoring over the 3 days of competition.
1st - FEI Grade II Team Test 67.74% (qualifying score)
1st - FEI Grade II Individual Test 67.01% (qualifying score)
1st - FEI Grade II Freestyle Test 68.33%

To be raw and honest it's been a mental battle on whether to campaign Celere for a games qualifier period. Celere was purchased in 2014 to be my main star for the Rio Paralympic qualifiers but we never had a CPEDI start due to the diagnosis of my neck and I had to withdraw from campaigning. Dreams were shattered at the time and this was all too raw to campaign him for last years WEG qualifiers. I look back now and I say things happen for a reason as since 2016 when he was imported to Australia, Celere and I have developed such a beautiful special bond which I think everyone saw over the past few days at this competition. He is so bold, so safe, absolutely gorgeous and I just love him!

I can't thank Michael enough for pushing me to present Celere to the international judges and I'm proud to see the judges accept his breed type (Lusitano)?? and really want to help us to achieve those higher marks. The feedback was really super and the plan now is to polish for the next CPEDI events coming up in July and later in the year.

The highlight of the event was yesterday!
Watching my golden boy be presented on the main arena with a huge crowd cheering as he was presented with his trophy rug! Also, driving onto the main arena with my fellow para competitors in a Mercedes van was pretty cool also.

It was a fantastic event along side the eventers! what awesome people welcoming us para's with open arms... I don't know how many times I was offered free food when I went into the kitchen ... I never starved! I had a few giggles when people asked about Celere 'nice stallion, who's he by and does he stand at stud'... when I said Celere was a Lusitano by Estorio in Portugal there were a few blank faces LOL! and I had to explain Celere was a para horse, not an eventer and that I literally have to feed him a lot of grain to do a walk trot test!! he's way too quiet to jump!!!!!

This was the best qualifier event I've attended over the 7 years I've been competing para! It was a really great atmosphere and a huge shout out to the volunteers, organisers and other legends of the Sydney 3DE!

Stef Maraun - the Para mother (I know you'll hate me saying that LOL)! I think EA and us paras are very lucky to have you looking after us and making sure we have the best chance for Tokyo. Thanks for everything leading up to this event, means a lot!

A huge thank you to hubby Michael for allowing me to live and looking after Celere, Benji and I so well during the event.

BettyRay Hayman of Trimdon Cocker Spaniels for my gorgeous side kick Benji, what did I ever do all those years without my little mate by my side at competitions!!

Kaitlin for looking after my very precious fur kids at home! couldn't do this without you!!

Alycia Targa I can't thank you enough for being a friend and an amazing coach. I wouldn't be able to keep my horses all in work without your help, your professional guidance to get me ready for these qualifiers and also having bubbly on hand! Since working with you I've really learnt I can be very competitive... but enjoy myself at the same time... you've helped me get my passion back for riding.

I'm so proud to be an ambassador for amazing companies and people! My horses and I always look amazing because of your products and it really is a team effort to get to these events!
Horseware Australia
Leader Equine
BLISS OF LONDON - Saddle makers of distinction
Technyflex - Premium Joint Supplement
Mobicosa - Premium Joint Supplement


The ugly boot... so many questions about what I've done to my foot so I thought I better address it now.
Let me just say that para's all have one thing in common - we are VERY resilient.

My journey is honest and this is what Rheumatoid is. Brutal and sometimes really cruel.

2 weeks prior to this event I was in horrendous pain. I was rushed for an MRI and the week before leaving for this event there was a plan to put me in hospital for a few days to control things.

My foot is now very deformed with all foot and ankle joints completely bone on bone, the grinding together has caused bone spurs, chips and the tendons/ligaments have collapsed and the circulation is poor. My options that were given to me last year was to consider amputation below the knee as the success of operating to fuse all the joints is 2% and getting a life threatening infection is 98% - I said to my surgeon last year I'll manage the pain and we agreed to a bizarre plan to rely heavily on the foot to 'self fuse' so I don't lose the leg. I see my surgeon in May as he has not seen these updated scans and my RA specialist has taken my scans to a world conference to see if others have ideas.

I can still ride, however I don't feel as secure as I used to, I'm heavily relying on my balance, voice and sheer determination. The pain at times is shocking if the ankle 'locks and unlocks' it's pretty much the joints snapping like a break. Now that this event is over we will be looking at ways to make me feel more secure when riding, I may have to use a wheelchair to get off my feet more to help the fusion of the joints but I'll know more in May. BUT the boot is helping a lot and I'm pretty grateful for the ugly thing!

All I can say is this will not stop me, nothing ever does.
I am slowing down and making wiser decisions. I'm very fortunate to have 2 amazing stallions I can ride safely with Michael and Alycia supporting me and doing what it takes to keep me riding.

Vic xx



11th April 2019


I'm very proud to announce my partnership as a brand ambassador for

Leader Equine and Horseware Australia!

If you've followed me for sometime you will know I'm a huge believer in ice boots and massage for all my horses!

I've used the Ice Vibe boots each day on my horses after each training session for about 2 years now and my Christmas present to my horses last year was the game changer Sportz Vibe massage rug which all the horses love!!! Perfect for recovery after training or as a light massage to get their bodies moving before a ride.




24th March 2019

Awesome day out with Simpatica XXVIII at the Shoalhaven Dressage Club day!

Michael and I were watching Alycia ride Simpa both in warmup and in the 2 tests and we both said to each other 'wow'.... a few times! This mare has serious talent!

I see Alycia train this mare 5 days a week and the progression over the past 2.5 months has been slow but very correct stripping her back to the basics and today just showed everything fall together into a stunning picture! Very rewarding for both rider and owner.

1st place 67.85% - Novice 2A (one judge scoring over 70%)
3rd place 64.41% - Novice 2B (with error, Alycia amazed me trying to remember 6 tests today lol)

Armas Tarugo x Indiana LXXIX
Imported Approved PRE Spanish Mare


14th March 2019

My beautiful Luis (Joyero JF III) in harness!!!
Louis very lovely previous trainer sent me these photos.

Louis is at the back with the white socks.
Apparently known as a 'wheeler'
I don't know anything about harness driving however a good friend said 'wheelers have to follow orders, leaders follow suggestions and have to use initiative. Wheelers do most of the work but they can be lazy. They have to be mentally solid!' Interesting!! Louis does have a very good brain on him ?

Lol If there's ever a point I can't ride.... I'll throw Louis in harness and go driving.

Elegido XXIII x Joyero X (Escalera & Miltary lines)
Imported Approved PRE Spanish Stallion



27th-28th February 2019

That's the end of a crazy 4 weeks of back to back competitions for Celere and I! What a legend stallion!!

I've had an amazing run with hitting over 70% in my para tests and scoring consecutively around the 64% - 65% mark in open medium which is very acceptable for where Celere and I are at with our training and my health.

Yesterday and today my scores were

Medium 4B - 64.39% 15th place

Medium 4C - 60.57% 16th place

Today we received a 9% difference in scores between the 2 judges which killed our overall score, I can't say I've had that happen to me before when I've competed open dressage and not one I would like to see again.

I LOVE competing so this hasn't put me off one bit. As someone said "as soon as you enter at A you are asking for their (judges) opinions" and yes as riders we have to take the good and the bad.


21st-22nd February 2019

Absolutely thrilled with my tests yesterday and today in the Medium 4A and 4B at Willinga Park

Medium 4A - 62.98% 16th place

Medium 4B - 64.64% 13th place

Celere was amazing and received a great introduction from the commentator about being an imported Lusitano... made me smile and I felt very proud going down that centreline.
Feeling very blessed to have a mate like Celere that takes care of me and enjoys competing as much as I do!

I've had a ball competing at Willinga Park. Yes, its always challenging on my body and no one knew I was a grade II para rider competing in open medium at this competition (unless you recognize me) I just know I did my best to my physical ability.... it's so rewarding walking away from a competition with a huge smile on my face ... still able to go out there and do what I enjoy.



17th February 2019

How good is that! 2 scores over 70% in yesterday's FEI para tests with my Lusitano stallion CELERE! 70.91% and 70.88%

Since owning Celere I've mostly concentrated on working my way up the levels in official dressage and doing 'fun outings' like showing and training days.... so he's had very limited starts in para - 3 to be exact which were 2-3 years ago! Michael has urged me for months... bugged me... to campaign Celere this year for the Tokyo Paralympic qualifiers as he believes 'Celere has it'.......... well I'm not one to say my husband may be right HAHA .... however.... there may be a slight smirk on my face?

I guess with that said... bring on the qualifiers with the golden boy! #TowardTokyo2020

Yesterday was my 4th competition in 9 days with an amazing training session at Willinga Park in the middle and guess what! next stop.... Willinga Park 'Dressage by the Sea' which I leave for in 2 days! I'll be competing in the Medium with Celere, so if you are down this way certainly come over and say hello!

** Big thank you ** to Hawkesbury Dressage Club Inc. for holding the FEI para tests! This is a huge help towards preparing for the qualifier and selection events coming up and certainly something my team and I appreciate.

CELERE (Estoiro x Noz)
Imported Lusitano Stallion
(Approved APSL breeding stallion)



10th February 2019

So this happened at Wallaby Hill as well from left to right we have super coach Alycia Targa, the talented Rebecca Walsh that rides 2 beautiful Spanish Warmbloods and then myself swapping horse power for car power in the very stunning McLaren Spyda 570S.... only worth a mere $556,000AUD drive away!

Thanks for the great photo Stephen Mowbray Photography, always great to see you!!



10th February 2019

Competing yesterday at the Wallaby Hill Extravaganza was amazing!!!!!! I already want to put my name down for next year!

My team 'DONNY'S CELERY BISCUIT' with Shaun Dillion and Clint Beresford' came 7th out of 22 in the teams triathlon.

Celere was an absolute star and rose to the occasion of performing in front of a packed indoor, even the clapping didn't bother him... such a confident little Portuguezer!! All the walking around night fairs in Portugal certainly paid off.

I had a blast!! whilst I was #13, the only para and had to compete after Brett I felt pretty excited to be there competing in such an awesome environment. I had my game face on the whole test ...however... Celere did whinny pretty much at the end of the test right during a flying change.... I couldn't help bursting into a laugh and I think everyone got a bit of a giggle!! nice flying change though.

I would never have done this if it wasn't suggested that I enter by my super coach/trainer Alycia Targa (Millbank Equestrian) It's so nice to have the professional coaching support but at the same time have someone to have a wine and laugh with after all the serious business is over with.

Have to say thanks as always to the super hubby Michael for everything and taking these beautiful photos.

Was also nice to have mum (Barbara) and dad come and watch.

Next up I'll be competing Para this Sunday and after that...Willinga Park which I'm VERY excited for.

CELERE (Estoiro x Noz)
Imported Lusitano Stallion
(Approved APSL breeding stallion)


9th February 2019

More news from the weekend! My Imported PRE Spanish mare SIMPATICA XXVIII 'Simpa' had her 3rd ever outing and 1st start at official novice.

We were really impressed with how Simpa handled herself on the day with planes flying over, trains going past and also warming up in a thunderstorm and heavy rain! 

Alycia (Millbank Equestrian) gave Simpa an awesome ride and I can't thank her enough for her dedication to this mare and getting her ready for the Tokyo qualifiers later in the year. The tests on the day were really lovely and showed brilliance at times but at the same time a few green moments which at this stage in her training is perfectly fine!

Next outing - this Sunday doing Para tests at SIEC with my Imported Lusitano stallion CELERE

Armas Tarugo x Indiana LXXIX
Imported Approved PRE Spanish Mare


5th February 2019

I had the pleasure to be interviewed by Courtney from Wide Ward of Sports.

Check on the image below to be directed to the video interview



5th February 2019

It's quite obvious where my passion is when it comes to my riding career - I love sharing my stories and promoting the Spanish & Lusitano breeds so when the Andalusian Horse Association of NSW asked me if I would like to be a guest speaker on the Saturday night of the AHAA NSW State Championships - I said, 'absolutely!'

Everyone is welcome to attend:
16th March 2019 Saturday night @ 6:30pm
BBQ Dinner & Drinks - $10pp
To be held at the amazing venue of the Sydney International Equestrian Centre (SIEC) in the Riders Retreat.

You don't need to be a member of the AHAA - if you would like to attend the Saturday night dinner & my presentation, simply private message me or leave a comment below and I'll give you further details.

To give you all a little insight... I will be sharing stories from my travels to Portugal and Spain, the #roadtotokyo with my 2 PRE Spanish horses & Lusitano stallion, what I look for in a horse, what I find are the main differences between the PRE / Andalusian and Lusitano breeds, daily training and management of my stallions, how I prepare my team for major competitions, life as an elite athlete, overcoming daily challengers and fears of living with a chronic condition, my refusal to be shaped by the usual conventions of the dressage competition world - plus much much more! There will also be the opportunity to ask questions on the night!... and of course it wouldn't be a presentation without videos and photos.





25th January 2019

What an amazing night at the Shoalhaven Hall of Sporting Fame 2019 and Australia Day Awards held by the Shoalhaven City Council.

As many of you are aware from my posts earlier in the year, I was inducted into the Shoalhaven Sporting Hall of Fame as an Elite Athlete and my beautiful PRE Spanish stallion, Eddy (Andaluka Elegido) was inducted into the Sporting Hall of Fame also as a Sporting Animal.

A big surprise concluded the night when I received 2 Shoalhaven Australia Day awards - a Nominee award for my excellence in Equestrian and then the big one... Shoalhaven Australia Day Sports Person of the Year.

I can't thank my husband Michael and mum (Barbara) for being there on this special night, sadly my dad was unable to attend due to work commitments but was certainly there on the phone.

As someone that doesn't tear up very easily, I admit hearing and seeing my achievements being announced in front of over 300 people was truly a special moment. Thankfully no tears on stage! however Eddy and I had a special moment today. He looked so beautiful up there on the big screen, all I could hear was people in the crowd go WOW when his photos came up. 

I will say this... I am very proud.
For over 30 years I have tirelessly promoted the PRE Spanish horse and there I was on stage listening to the MC of the night speak so highly of Eddy, repeatedly acknowledging him as a 'PRE Spanish stallion'. There truly is nothing prouder than thinking 'I've done it'.

Hundreds of people left that room last night knowing what this beautiful breed looks like and how amazingly talented they can be. When there's passion, anything is possible!

I will leave you all with these beautiful photos and over the next few days I will share with you all soon a very special video that I am working on.

Vic xx

El Caballero Dejado x Andaluka Maya
PRE Spanish Approved Breeding Stallion



21st January 2019

I had someone ask...
Describe your horses personalities.... so I'll start with CELERE - my 12 year old Imported Lusitano stallion,

Celere is a DUDE and completely carefree, try to imagine a 'cool kid' at school that thinks he's 'all that'... a little arrogant, knows he's good looking and thinks he's the best lol .... well that's Celere!

He is very lazy which is unusual for a Lusitano. 

Celere knows how to walk into an arena and own it. As soon as we enter at A you can feel him pump his chest out and he tries to extend down the centreline! So if you ever see us competing... let it be known I'm doing many half halts down that centreline!!

Celere loves his training to be interesting, complicated and challenging or he gets bored, I need to throw in some flying changes, half passes ... and his favourite ... pirouettes. Straight lines and circles just doesn't do it for him.

BOLD is his middle name, nothing fazes Celere! He used to walk through night markets and fairs in Portugal with loud music, dancers, food stalls and people walking up to him.

When he's intrigued by something he HAS to run up to it and check it out which I think comes from his bull fighting heritage. He was very intrigued by a miniature horse pulling a cart at a recent show ... I was riding him and lets just say he wanted and tried very hard to trot up to it!

He loves cuddles and being made a fuss of and if you want to make his day, just scratch inside his ear... he'll literally fall asleep.

Celere is very gentle with no stallion traits at all and everyone remarks how quiet and well behaved he is. I believe as a stallion he knows his place for breeding is at the vets and even then he is a complete gentleman and waits for the commands.

He loves FOOD.... when Celere is hungry he can be grumpy and wont try as hard in our training and I work harder... he wont even have cuddle lol so the boy can't be hungry at any time! Celere is also fed like a race horse... for energy .... as I said... he's lazy! (I'm sure all the Lusitano owners are laughing at me now)

Celere LOVES junk food.... chips, sugar cubes, polo mints, shapes, anything the groom is eating... he has to have, which is fine as I eat healthy.... he'll take a chip over an apple!

Overall Celere is a very special stallion that takes very good care of me. As long as I've owned him (since 2014) he's never put me in an unsafe position. I have found out over the years he is your typical 'iberian' stallion.... they choose the riders they will 'allow on their back' which I know sounds funny but certainly not if you own one! He was quite difficult for 2 female riders in Europe lol However, for my English coach Martin, they were a great team and also my good friend/groom Shae rides Celere when she visits, he adores her!!

CELERE (Estoiro x Noz)
Imported Lusitano Stallion
(Approved APSL breeding stallion)




11th January 2019

Why do I choose to ride stallions and own 3 is a question I'm regularly asked.

I was raised around stallions from a very young age... a baby actually so I watched and learnt plenty. I also developed my own special ways to raise and connect with them.

In my teens I was riding stallions at home however I was not competing them until the legal age of 18 which was/is a requirement in Australia. 

As you can tell having stallions in my life is quite natural for me and the connection I have with my stallions really has to be seen to be believed. It's actually odd for me working with a mare or gelding!

My stallions have impeccable manners at home and out at competitions, they have great reputations for being well behaved and quiet. They are all kind, gentle, have big hearts and they try so hard! 

What I feel many people don't understand about stallions is that they don't like being 'alpha' it's too stressful for them to be 'in charge' so respect is very important, you must be a leader with stallions but give them respect and plenty of love!! 

I have 3 competition/breeding stallions that are stabled next to each other and have paddocks during the day with a metre gap between them.... now with my PRE Spanish mare 2 small paddocks down which they all walk past being led by my mobility scooter each day and are stabled in the same stable block as her. 

I have a quiet and happy environment for them all with no stress or nonsense. 

To me I believe strongly that stallions shouldn't be isolated, they need company of some sort.

I feel I must raise that yes, whilst I am disabled and do use a mobility scooter, I would never let just anyone handle my stallions and certainly not advise anyone to purchase a stallion without having the experience; I would suggest if you are interested in being a first time stallion owner, certainly have a professional trainer that can guide you. I've had YEARS of experience with stallions and it is very different to owning a mare or gelding.



7th January 2019

Guess who's home...SIMPA (Simpatica XXVIII)
It is very exciting to see Simpa continue her training with my coach Alycia work.

Armas Tarugo x Indiana LXXIX
Imported Approved PRE Spanish Mare


3rd January 2019

1 year ago on this day
3rd January 2018


1st January 2019

We are truly humbled and honored to announce that on Australia Day 2019 our PRE stallion ANDALUKA ELEGIDO 'Eddy' and owner/rider Victoria will receive awards and be inducted into the SHOALHAVEN SPORTING HALL OF FAME - Victoria as an Elite Athlete and ANDALUKA ELEGIDO as an Elite Sporting Animal.

Having outstanding achievements of ANDALUKA ELEGIDO recognized by being inducted into the Sporting Hall of Fame, has brought many emotions, in our eyes he has achieved it all now. His name will forever be among some of the greatest Australian sporting animals from Olympic medalists to Melbourne Cup winners. We are incredibly proud of ANDALUKA ELEGIDO and proud of Victoria for producing such a talented performance stallion.

ANDALUKA ELEGIDO is without doubt one of Australia's greatest PRE stallions of performance.


Inducted into the Sporting Hall of Fame as an 'Elite Sporting Animal' for Australia Day 2019

Australian Shadow Squad rider Paralympics Rio 2016
Australian High Performance 'Green' Squad 2015/2016 Australian National Para Recognition Squad 2015/2016
Qualifying scores for WEG 2014 and Paralympics 2016
Australian High Performance Futures Squad 2013/2014

Sydney CDI FEI Grade II Champion 2017

Multiple wins at official Medium level

Australian National FEI Para Grade Ib Champion 2016
Australian National FEI Para Grade II Champion 2015

NSW State Dressage FEI Para Grade Ib Champion 2016
NSW State Dressage FEI Grade II Champion 2013/2014/2015 and 2017

PREAA Dressage Highpoint Champion 2017
NSW AHAA Grand Champion Led Horse of Show 2014
NSW AHAA Highpoint Score Competition Open Section 2014
NSW AHAA Most Successful Exhibition 2014
AHAA Working Roll Of Merit 400 points