100% Escalera bloodlines

Proven sire in Spain with approved breeding offspring

3 times campaigned at SICAB making him the only Australasian PRE Spanish stallion to compete at this prestigious international event for the PRE breed

2012 Champion Young Male and 2012 Sub-Champion Young Male at National level in Spain

Won and placed at international, national and regional level in morphology and functionality from a youngster to the stallion he is today

JOYERO JF III shares the same grand sire as the PRE Spanish Olympic legends FUEGO DE CARDENAS and INVASOR II

Related to the 2018 SICAB World Champion PRE stallion (same grandsire) and also related to the Champion PRE filly via Lebrijano III and Faraon XXIV

JOYERO JF III or 'Luis' as he is affectionately called at home is Pure Escalera Bloodlines and was imported from Spain to Australia October 2018.

The Escalera line is one of the oldest and most prestigious bloodlines of the PRE horse, famed for breeding bay horses of uniformity and functionality. Escalera horses have a little less knee elevation, but have better extension, impulsion and suspension and as such are sought after for dressage.

JOYERO JF III is the only PRE Spanish stallion in Australasia to have competed at SICAB - a testament of his quality as there is a certain qualifying level to achieve on acceptance to compete at SICAB.

JOYERO JF III is an incredible tall noble looking stallion, with powerful straight movement, with an impressive performance record and bloodlines filled with generations of elite dressage stars, sharing the same grandsire as the PRE Spanish Olympic Games & WEG legends FUEGO DE CARDENAS and INVASOR II.

3 times campaigned at ‘SICAB ‘ - the most prestigious and largest international horse event for the PRE Spanish horse. SICAB 2013 JOYERO JF III placed top 8 out of 32 stallions in his section.

JOYERO JF III was also campaigned at regional and national level winning Champion Young Male and Sub Champion Young Male at 2 national events in Spain.

Exceptionally talented, JOYERO JF III has an incredible passage, floating lengthen trot, powerful Spanish walk and he is also trained in harness for 2 and 6 horse carriage. His temperament is described as being a ’big teddy bear’! very calm in all occasions, people lover and despite his big size he is very trustworthy.

JOYERO JF III was campaigned by Victoria in 2019/2020 for Australian qualifiers towards team selection of the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games.

JOYERO JF III is a proven sire in Spain. His offspring are tall, bay, amazing straight movers and very striking in looks. JOYERO has produced 3 females in a row. We are excited to have offspring available from mid 2021.

Breeding approval (APTO) accreditation for stallions and mares is only presented to Pure Spanish Horses (PRE) that have firstly been inscribed into the Spanish Studbook (ANCCE) with approved breeding parents, once the horse is 3 years old they are then eligible to be presented to an ANCCE accredited vet judge to under go the vast revision process to determine whether the horse meet the minimum confirmation and movement requirements set by the Spanish government (ANCCE).

ELEGIDO XXII (Escalera), the sire of JOYERO JF III is the Maria Fernanda Escalera dressage champion renowned for temperament, movement and passing these traits onto his offspring.

DAM: JOYERA X (Escalera) is the Calificada elite dam of JOYERO JF III a Jose Luis Escalera mare that won gold in her mare morphology section at SICAB 2001. Also has won and placed in morphology and cobra at national and regional level.

- LEBRIJANO III is the grandsire of JOYERO JF III via the sires line. A stallion bred and owned by Jose Luis Escalera. It holds true to this day that the LEBRIJANO III bloodline is often underwritten as a guarantee of dressage movement.

The renowned PRE Grand Prix dressage stallion INVASOR II, was also a grandson of LEBRIJANO III. Together with his rider Rafael Soto they were Spanish Grand Prix Champion in 1998, 1999 and 2000. They represented Spain at the European Championships in 1997, 1999, 2001 and 2003, finishing fifth individually in 2001 and earning team bronze in 2003. INVASOR II was a key performer on the team at the 1998, 2002 and 2006 World Equestrian Games. Spain won team bronze on home turf in 2002.  They were also key players for Spain at three Olympic Games (1996, 2000 and 2004), winning team silver in Athens!

- AGENTE is the sire of LEBRIJANO III and is regarded as one of the most important stallions on the history of the PRE.

- MALUSO is the sire of AGENTE; these bloodlines are known for breeding true to type with incredible cadence and proper athletic movement. Maluso had several famous sons.

- FARAON XXIV (Escalera) is the grand sire of JOYERO JF III on the dams line. A Jose Luis Escalera stallion awarded Champion SICAB 1991 and is the sire of the 2018 WEG campaigner JOYERO XXIV and also closely related via Lebrijano III and Islero.

- VINATERO III is the sire of FARAON XXIV (Escalera) the main and founder dressage stallion of the Escalera stud that sired many top movement winning horses, and was arguably one of the best bullfighting stallions ever produced.

- JECOMIAS a black stallion was bred to many Escalera branded mares to produce multiple champions in Spain.

JOYERO JF III is available this 2021/2022 breeding season between
1st September 2021 - 1st March 2022

AI Chilled only with a high volume & excellent mortality rate


Option 1: 
AI Chilled service fee $1800 Inc GST
A booking fee of $250 along with signed contract are essential to avoid missing out.
The remaining $1550 is required 5 business days prior to 1st collection.

Option 2: AI Chilled service fee $1550 Inc GST (SAVING $250)
Full payment and signed contract must be received before 30th June 2021

Options 3:
AI Chilled service fee $3000 Inc for 2 mares and thereafter $1500 per mare.
Full payment and signed contract must be received before 30th June 2021

Please email the stud manager Michael Koch at toravdressage@outlook.com for information regarding breeding your mare to JOYERO JF III