At Tora V Dressage we have sold a number of high quality performance and breeding horses across Australia and Internationally.
During our time based between Australia and Europe we had a successful international Lusitano breeding program which saw our horses bred and sold across Portugal and Europe.

Our breeding mares are well handled and cared for, receiving only the best!
They are fed twice daily a balanced diet of Hygain feeds and quality hay with access to shelters and high quality ex dairy pasture paddocks; monthly farrier and up to date with vaccinations, all to ensure the growth of strong, healthy foals and happy mums.
On the birth of our foals, they are handled from the minute they are born and raised in a professional and safe environment. All foals are registered with their relevant breed associations with DNA taken & microchipped.

From 2021 we will have Purebred young stock available for sale. To express your interest please email