Campaigned and qualified for the Tokyo Paralympics 2020

Inducted into the Sporting Hall of Fame as an 'Elite Sporting Animal' for Australia Day 2019

Australian Shadow Squad Rider Paralympics Rio 2016
Australian High Performance 'Green' Squad 2015/2016

Qualifying scores for WEG 2014 and Paralympics 2016
Australian High Performance Futures Squad 2013/2014

Boneo Classic CPEDI FEI Para Grade II Champion 2020
VIC Dressage CPEDI FEI Para Grade II Champion 2019

Australian National FEI Para Grade II Champion 2019
Australian National FEI Para Grade Ib Champion 2016
Australian National FEI Para Grade Ib Champion 2015

NSW State Dressage FEI Grade II Champion 2013/2014/2015/2016 and 2017

PREAA Dressage Highpoint Champion 2017
NSW AHAA Grand Champion Led Horse of Show 2014
NSW AHAA Highpoint Score Competition Open 2014
NSW AHAA Most Successful Exhibition 2014
AHAA Working Roll Of Merit 400 points

ANDALUKA ELEGIDO 'Eddy' is without doubt one of the most prestigious performance PRE Spanish stallions within Australasia.

'ANDALUKA ELEGIDO shares very impressive Military genetics with PRE Spanish Olympic sensation FUEGO DE CARDENAS via the MALUSO lines twice through the sires bloodlines.

Starting his career under saddle July 2012, this Australian & International award winning stallion was the first PRE to be selected for an AUSTRALIAN HIGH PERFORMANCE SQUAD - This title was first awarded at only 10 months under saddle with his Para Equestrian rider/trainer/owner Victoria. Together they have held this title for 3 years and as of January 2016 they were named on the AUSTRALIAN HIGH PERFORMANCE 'GREEN' SHADOW SQUAD for RIO PARALYMPICS 2015 & 2016.

There is no room big enough to write this magnificent stallion wins and titles. To name a few ANDALUKA ELEGIDO has won 9 Championship rugs, 1 Australian National Para FEI Grade II Championship, 4 NSW Dressage State Championship titles, Numerous CPEDI 3* wins & placings, AHAA NSW Grand Champion Led horse of Show 2014, AHAA ROM, AHAA Highest Point Score 2014 and much much more.

Well known on the dressage circuit in Australia for his amazing temperament, talent, and beautiful presence. He is very trainable having trained with Olympic Portuguese rider of Rubi AR, Goncalo Carvalho who stated "this horse has what it takes to be at the Paralympics! look at what he can do 5 months under saddle!".

During the 2012 revision, the visiting Spanish Delegate described Eddy as a stallion of "great movement, Spanish type and very within the breed morphology and updates of this stallions progress as he matures is a must".

Victoria and ANDALUKA ELEGIDO are currently training Advanced and competing Official Medium with scores of 67.64% and scoring up to 84% in FEI Para. Victoria commenced Eddy's training when he was broken 2 weeks under saddle - a sight into his trainability and nature. Together they are now working on higher movement together for open competition and WEG 2018.

Victoria explains that ANDALUKA ELEGIDO has always been very willing under saddle and gives his all. He thoroughly enjoys going out to competitions and knows whens he's won! He loves cuddles and captures the hearts of many with his beautiful long eyelashes and doe like eyes.

"Eddy is my best friend, a horse of a life time and a magnificent example of the PRE Andalusian breed; his success will live on and people will read of my special stallion"
Breeding approval (APTO) accreditation for stallions and mares is only presented to Pure Spanish Horses (PRE) that have firstly been inscribed into the Spanish Studbook (ANCCE) with approved breeding parents, once the horse is 3 years old they are then eligible to be presented to an ANCCE accredited vet judge to under go the vast revision process to determine whether the horse meet the minimum confirmation and movement requirements set by the Spanish government (ANCCE).
SIRE: - 'El Cabellero Dejado' line bred to EMBAJADOR II - one of the first PRE stallions to be imported to Australia; sired by the Yeguada Military stallion MALUSO. Spain’s Military Stud, carry a reputation worldwide and have a rich history in the breeding of the PRE horse. MALUSO's lines are known for breeding true to type with incredible movement, perfect for dressage.

DAM- 'Andaluka Maya' within her bloodlines lays JENSON, a son of AGENTE (1959) whom is almost certainly the most famous son of MALUSO. He has been said to be a point of focus for the Military Stud breeding program. His offspring have expressed elastic movement that has been carried through the line, and laid the foundation of the success of the Spanish horse in dressage. ANDALUKA MAYA was the daughter of HORTELANO VII - a magnificent young stallion imported to Australia from Spain by renowned horseman 'Malcolm Barnes'. At the time HORTELANO VII was part of the 'Domecq Royal Riding School in Jerez; during his days in Australia HORTELANO VII & Malcolm took the equestrian world by storm promoting the breed at Royal shows, dressage days and exhibitions.