Short Listed for the
Tokyo Paralympics Games 2021

Australian High Performance Green Squad 2019-2021

Achieved 3 x Qualifying scores at the Brisbane CDI/CPEDI 2019 towards AUS team selection of the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games

Achieved 2 x Qualifying scores at the Sydney CPEDI 2019 towards AUS team selection of the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games

Overall Champion of the Equestrian Life Para-Dressage Leader-board 2019, also the Highest Placed Combination for FEI Grade II - Highest Placed FEI Para combination for NSW - Highest Placed FEI Para combination Competing Internationally

Champion FEI Grade II - Sydney CPEDI 2021
Champion FEI Grade II - Tokyo Test Event 2020
Champion FEI Grade II - Brisbane CPEDI 2019
Champion FEI Grade II - Sydney CPEDI 2019

Most successful stallion Buckskin Nationals 2018

CELERE (pronounced See-Lair) is a very eye catching Lusitano approved breeding stallion selectively sourced from Portugal in March 2014 as Victoria's Para-Dressage mount for European competition in the lead up to the 2016 Rio Paralympic Games.

August 2016 Victoria and her husband made the decision to import CELERE to Australia as he had stolen their hearts, both believing there was something very special about CELERE.

CELERE has beautiful presence with power, grace, bone and three extraordinary straight gaits which he consecutively scores 8s and 9s for at Official and FEI level for movement.

What sets CELERE apart from the rest, is his outstanding temperament, which he is renown for worldwide! People have been left in awe of his super relaxed demeanor and gentleman like manners. CELERE is incredibly brave having been walked through night fiesta's in Portugal and gracing major competitions around Australia.

CELERE has presented himself on the Australian competition scene like a true star, carrying his Para Equestrian rider to winning numerous Champion titles at prestigious Australian and International dressage events.

The biggest highlight to date in their career has been named on the Australian short List for the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics Games; together they achieved this by gaining qualification scores over only 3 Australian Team selection qualifier events, 2 scores being over 71% at International competition and taking home Champion Para FEI Grade II at both Sydney & Brisbane CPEDI. To date the successful duo are unbeatable.

As of 31st December 2020 Victoria is ranked 12th in the world on the FEI Para Equestrian Grade II rankings.

CELERE is not just a highly successful FEI Para horse, he has proven himself to be the perfect all-rounder in a range of disciplines, regularly competing at Official Medium level scoring over 69% in competitive classes and competed at prestigious Willinga Park CDI and NSW State Championships.

CELERE was unbeatable at the 2018 Buckskin Nationals where he won every class he entered, he has also taken Victoria to Supreme Champion rider, winning at Show Hunter classes and has been unbeatable in all 'Led Buckskin Stallion' classes.

CELERE was very successful when based in Europe having won a gold medal of morphology (confirmation and movement class) in Portugal as a youngster and was campaigned at the world renowned Golegã fair 2014 and prior to being imported to Australia CELERE was selected to represent Australia at FEI Para Dressage CPEDI 3* in Hartpury England was winning at Gold Official Medium in England.

CELERE is currently training PSG level movements with passage and piaffe in place; He will be campaigned for the Australian selection events towards the Tokyo Paralympics Games which have been moved to 2021, the team will be announced no later than 5th July 2021.

CELERE is a proven sire with purebred and partbred offspring in Portugal and Australia. His offspring all share very similar characteristics as being extremely friendly, very bold, tall with beautiful long legs, very intelligent and stunning presence.

As of January 2021 we are starting to see Celere's first Australian offspring being prepared under saddle.

We have seen Celere produce cremello and perlino offspring when crossed with a mare carrying a cream gene.

Celere has produced excellent offspring crossed with mares of the following breeding - Purebred Lusitano, Lusitano Sport Horse, ASH, Appaloosa/Clydesdale, KWPN Warmblood, Trakehner, Andalusian Partbred, Warlander, Friesian, Friesian cross, Welsh cob cross.

To date all outside mare owners are all holding onto their CELERE babies and have no intension of selling.

There are only a small number of Lusitano stallions in Australasia that are 'Approved for breeding' with the APSL Portuguese Lusitano Studbook and CELERE is one of those stallions - a formal accreditation of his quality as a Lusitano stallion and breeding sire.

Breeding approval accreditation for stallions is only presented to Purebred Lusitanos that have been presented to a judging panel and passed the vast revision process.

Purebred Lusitano stallions are accessed in morphology where the stallions movement without rider and confirmation is assessed and given specific grading points for each body structure and rated on a scale from 'satisfactory to very good', this process also involves measurements taken of certain body structures of the stallion making sure they fall within the correct margins expected for the Lusitano breed. Stallions are excepted to be presented under saddle to show their functionality as a riding horse in walk/trot/canter. Semen of the stallion must also be collected and tested for quality prior to the morphology and functionality presentations. There is only a pass or fail.

The pedigree of CELERE comes from a long line of the worlds most reputable Lusitano horses. CELERE is half brother to VIETKONG - Purebred Lusitano stallion who was campaigned by Olympian 'Juan Antonio Jimenez’; an Online magazine expressed he was ‘a horse which has an expressive passage and piaffe’. GUELO (Estoiro x Alfarroba) - Also a half brother to CELERE won European Champion 2014 at the European Championship of the Lusitano Horse in Belgium.

SIRE: 'Estoiro' One of the only Lusitano Stallions to be awarded merit by the Portuguese Association for breeding; Sire of many horses which distinguished themselves through their functionality, good gaits, good character and beauty. ESTOIRO won Champion Senior Stallion.

ESTOIRO has offspring with medals of gold and silver in morphology and movement, also excellent ratings in tests of dressage: RIETO - gold medal in the FNC in 2001; QUIE - silver medal in the FNC and IL in 2000, medal gold and champion of FNC and IL in 2001; UERA - silver medal EE and IL in 2002, silver medal EE in 2003, gold medal winner and EE in 2004, silver medal in 2005 in IL; UEMA - silver medal EE and IL in 2003 and 2004.Pai Stallion Zuelo (MK)

GRAND SIRE: (Sires Line): 'Zico' - Imported by "Las Morerías" from Portugal in 1993, was purchased by Joao I. Barata Freixo from the Vinhas stud farm as a 2 year old, and for a decade stood for his Stud Mares. In Portugal, "Zico" produced over 200 outstanding offspring. He won various prizes in Portugal and Mexico.

CELERE is only available to a limited number of mares this breeding 2021/2022 season between
1st November 2021 - 1st March 2022
This is due the Tokyo Paralympic Games campaign.

AI Chilled service fee $1800 Inc GST
A booking fee of $250 along with signed contract are essential to avoid missing out.
The remaining $1550 is required 5 business days prior to 1st collection.
AI Chilled only with a high volume & excellent mortality rate

Please email the stud manager Michael Koch at for information regarding breeding your mare to CELERE