Ranked top 3 Australian FEI Para for WEG, Tryon 2018

Victoria Dressage Festival 2017 77.98% FEI Grade II Para Freestyle (1st WEG qualifier)

Victoria Dressage Festival 2017 Overall FEI Grade Champion Across the 5 Grades (1st WEG Qualifier)

Sydney CDI 2018 FEI Grade II Champion (3rd WEG Qualifier)

Third Australian WEG Qualifier 2018 FEI Grade II Champion

Clarendon Winter Festival 2017 Overall FEI Grade Champion Across the 5 Grades

Shoalhaven Dressage Championships 2017 Highest % The Competition Winner

Shoalhaven Dressage Championships 2017 Supreme Champion

BRAVOUR M joined Victoria's team of competition horses September 2017 and despite years of successfully campaigning the PRE and Lusitano breed in open and FEI Para Dressage, Victoria embarked on a new journey with this lovely KWPN affectionately known as SPUDDY.

September 2018 Victoria gave Spuddy to her groom and very good friend Shae Herwig where Spuddy would retire from High Performance and enjoy teaching Shae the higher movements of dressage and progress in open dressage.

BRAVOUR M is a dark brown gelding of KWPN breeding was imported from Holland to Australia in 2014 by the Welsh family who are renown breeders and campaigners of high quality Warmbloods both here in Australia and Internationally.

Originally SPUDDY was never for sale however, his previous owners believed SPUDDY would be a perfect mount for Victoria to achieve her goals of one day qualifying for WEG and the Paralympics.

Spuddy is a very talented horse that is trained to Grand Prix and has the most amazing passage, he is even broken to harness!

Successfully campaigned in Europe, Spuddy now continues to embark on a new career path in Para Dressage.

Together Victoria and Spuddy were undefeated 4 out 4 competitions, winning all tests and coming home with plenty of rugs and trophies! For their first FEI Para Freestyle together they scored a massive score of 76.66% to win overall FEI Para Champion across the grades at the DNSW Winter Festival.

During the first Australian WEG qualifier (December 2017) Victoria and Spuddy won each test for their grade, gained a qualifying score, went on to win overall FEI Para Champion across the grades and scored a massive 77.98% in the freestyle with the international judge later congratulating Victoria saying she had goosebumps watching the powerful test.

Victoria and Spuddys first competition they placed 1st in both tests scoring 74.60 and 72% - they also went of to win Members Preparatory Champion , Highest % Of The Competition and Shoalhaven Dressage Club Supreme Champion. Their first FEI Para test together was equally successful placing 1st with 70.75%

SIRE: 'SCANDIC' ridden by Patrik Kittel made their debut at international Grand Prix level in 2009. They were members of the Swedish team at the 2009 and 2011 European Championships, the 2012 Olympic Games in London and the 2010 and 2014 World Equestrian Games. Their career highlight was winning kur bronze at the 2011 European Championships in Rotterdam.

Scandic's success started as a young stallion winning his testing and then winning the Pavo Cup twice! He had a wonderful career as a young horse which has cemented the foundations for his Grand Prix success. A number of his offspring have been finalists in the Pavo Cuo (Holland's young horse championships) which proves the worth of his pedigree.