UPDATE 2018 VIGIA blessed us with a stunning buckskin Purebred Lusitano colt 5th January 2018, we have named this colt OLLIVANDER TORA V 'Oliver' - Sold to a performance dressage stable.

VIGIA INTERAGRO is an approved for breeding Lusitano mare with a high grading of 72 points, imported from Brazil in 2004 from Interagro Lusitanos - the largest breeder and exporter of Lusitano horses in the world. In 2009, APSL named Interagro Lusitano Breeder of the Year.

VIGIA INTERAGRO has exquisite looks with a classic noble head and stunning straight movement with plenty of hock action and the ability to sit on her hind and push with power. Vigia is a colour producer with her last foal being buckskin and her progeny have been state and national champions with one of her Purebred Lusitano gelding having enormous talent for Eventing and doing very well in open company.


SIRE: 'Rocinante Interagro' A stallion of extreme beauty, fantastic movements and extraordinary pedigree. He received the high approval grade of 78 points at revision when he was only three years old. He is today in Brazil competing at Dressage with Pia Aragão since June 2004

DAM: 'Quinata Interagro' - Graded is by Xique Xique (CI) and is the daughter of Duna (BF), a mare imported from the Coudelaria Barata Freixo of Portugal.

GRAND SIRE (Dams line): - 'Xique-Xique' was a Gold Medal Champion in Lisbon and was given 81 points at revision by the Portuguese Stud Book. Over one hundred of his offspring are show winning individuals who have achieved a huge success in the dressage and other competitive arenas. Xique-Xique’s blood flows in practically all the Interagro horses. Four of his daughters and eight sons have been exported to the U.S.

GRAND DAM (Dams line): - 'Duna (BF)', a mare imported from the Coudelaria Barata Freixo of Portugal.

GRAND SIRE (Sires line): 'Distinto (MAC)', is a Coimbra stallion, Great Champion in Lisbon, who has produced many Champions.

GRAND DAM (Sires line): - Cigana (MLC)' has given birth to many series of Gold Medal Champions and they excel at dressage - her sons Obtuso Interagro and Xerxes Interagro won several rankings and prizes in Brazil. Cigana (MLC) is the most important broodmare in Interagro’s herd.